Informers: County rubber stamps benefits

UFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Two whistleblowers rubber stamps   are sparking a main investigation into Social Services in Erie County. Both informed the county comptroller’s office that the Medicaid unit is cutting corners.

Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw says because of staffing shortages, a few humans is probably getting taxpayer financed health blessings who don’t deserve them.

“We received the records, no longer from one, but from whistleblowers within Erie County government,” Mychajliw said.

The comptroller believes he has the smoking gun concerning the accusations and now he desires to move into the Social Services department and uncover the ammunition.

“To robotically re-certify customers for Medicaid benefits with out checking any form of documentation – basically rubber stamping Medicaid re-certifications – with out checking to look if human beings are eligible,” Mychajliw said.

The comptroller says the whistleblowers have provided e-mails and testimony that as Medicaid recipients come up for re-certification of taxpayer funded scientific blessings, their caseworkers had been advised to qualify them routinely.

Mychajliw stated, “The danger involved is that Erie County, if genuine, may be rubber stamping Medicaid certifications, and people won’t be eligible to acquire these advantages.”

He has notified county and state officials he intends to audit the Medicaid unit. But county officials say: now not so speedy.

County Deputy Executive Richard Tobe stated, “[This involves] lots and thousands of human beings. The audits inquiring for personal statistics that could be in those documents, approximately people, need to most effective be accomplished, seriously, while there is good reason to achieve this.”

Tobe says he needs a few clarification on what Mychajliw is seeking out and says a number of the facts the auditors are searching for they are no longer entitled to.

The Department of Social Services is likewise included by some of confidentiality laws. But are county employees taking quick cuts?

“We are searching into that now, however I were told that we’re in entire compliance with kingdom policy, and the nation is privy to the way we do it, and it’s far 100 percentage compliant,” Tobe said.

Mychajliw says he is sending a crew of auditors to the Department of Social Services to begin auditing the Medicaid unit Thursday morning. The comptroller’s workplace will meet with other officers before auditors go in to set floor rules.

Source: WIVB
Al Vaughters
Published : Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013
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